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Requires the design of new public schools to incorporate the "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" (LEED) guidelines.
Status: On 2nd Reading

Requires the incorporation of solar panels in design and construction of new public school facilities
Status: In Committee

Authorizes county colleges and county vocational school districts to establish green job certification programs
Status: Passed Assembly /Passed Senate

Increases certain sentences and imposes bail restrictions on persons who violate domestic violence restraining orders under certain circumstances; authorizes the court to order evaluation and treatment.
Status: In Committee

Provides a corporation business tax credit for certain investment in manufacturing equipment and manufacturing facility renovation, modernization and expansion.
Status: In Committee

Requires development of interscholastic athletic head injury safety training program; requires certain measures to protect student athletes with concussions; and requires continuing education for athletic trainers.*
Status: Passed both houses; Approved PL2101

Creates "New Jersey Life Science Internship Challenge" program
Status: In Committee

Amends Constitution to give public employees the right to collective bargaining.
Status: No notations

Provides others with information about Brain injury.

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